Rate of Interest 

  SME Business Loan                                           :  18% – 28%

  SME Secured Loan                                            :  13% – 16%

  SME Equipment Loan                                        :  13% – 16%

  Personal Lending Loan                                      :  14.50% – 18.50%






Processing Fees

SME Business Loan

  • Micro Million                                             :  upto 3.5% of the loan amount + applicable taxes
  • Mini Million & E Million Loan                   :  upto 3% of the loan amount + applicable taxes
  • Multi Million & Super Million Loan           :  upto 2% of the loan amount + applicable taxes

SME Equipment Loan                                         :  upto 2% of the loan amount + applicable taxes

SME Secured Loan                                             :  upto 2% of the loan amount + applicable taxes

Personal Lending Loan

  • Salary Advance Loan                                  :  NIL
  • Salaried Personal Loan                               :  upto 2% of the loan amount + applicable taxes

Late payment Charges/Penal Interest

24% per annum

Cheque Swap Charge

Up to Rs. 500 + applicable taxes per swap

Document Retrieval Charge

Up to Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes

List/copy of original property documents(10th August 2022) 

SME Secured Loan                                          :  Rs. 2100+GST 

Cheque Bounce Charge

Up to Rs. 500 + applicable taxes per bounce




Foreclosure Charge/

Part- Prepayment Charges

Fixed Rate Loan (Individual /Non Individual Borrowers**):

  • SME Business Loan                                       :  4% of the principal amount outstanding +applicable taxes
  • SME Equipment Loan                                    :  4% of the principal amount outstanding +applicable taxes
  • Personal Lending Loan
    • Salary Advance Loan :
      • On pre-payment of the entire outstanding loan amount the borrower  would be entitled to a prepayment cashback of 4% on the outstanding loan amount
  • No part prepayments are allowed
  •  The prepayment cashback is not applicable in event of the borrower having defaulted during the tenure of the loan
  • Salaried Personal Loan : 4% of the principal amount outstanding +applicable taxes

Floating rate Loans (Individual*/Non Individual Borrowers**):

SME Secured Loan       :4% of the principal amount outstanding+ applicable taxes

Duplicate Statement Issuance Charge

Up to Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes per document

Cheque Pick up Charge

Up to Rs. 150 plus applicable taxes per pick up

CERSAI Registry / Modification charges (Only for SME Secured Loans & SME Equipment Loan)

  • Rs.100 plus applicable taxes (for Loans above Rs. 5 Lacs )
  • Rs. 50 plus applicable taxes (for Loans upto Rs. 5 Lacs )

You may visit the website of CERSAI  for details of such charges.

NeSL Data Submission Charges (plus applicable taxes)(Only for SME Secured Loans, Business Loan to Companies, SME Equipment Loan);

For more information, kindly visit for details of charges.



Other Commercial entities


Data submission per loan record of a borrower for each year

1st loan record:Rs. 300/-

2-10 loan record;                        Rs. 100/-each

11th onwards – Rs. 50/- each

Annual renewal fee- Rs-250/- each

1st loan record: Rs. 150/-

2nd onwards:

Rs. 50/- each Annual renewal fee- Rs-125/- each

Unsecured- All loan records- Rs. 25/- each Secured- All loan records- Rs.50/-each.(one-time fee) (Rs.10 for annual updation after completion of period of 5 years from the date of 1st submission)

Stamp Duty & other statutory


As per applicable laws of the State

Conversion Fee

Up to 1.5 % of the Loan outstanding plus applicable taxes will be charged for reduction in the Interest rate of existing Loans

*Nil foreclosure charges/pre-payment charges applicable for floating term loans sanctioned for loan purposes other than business to individuals borrowers.

**Non individual borrower means and includes Sole Proprietorship Concern, HUF, Partnership Firm, Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), AOI, BOI. 

*1 – Variable Rate Loan linked to SMERR

You shall be required to submit a Prepayment Request Letter along with copies of your Bank Statement or any other document that the Company deems necessary to ascertain the source of funds used for the prepayment. All charges, taxes, levies etc. applicable as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges. This statement of charges is as on date of disbursement and is subject to changes / revision from time to time and will be updated on the website.