Within our organisation, we foster a culture that celebrates diversity and individuality, but also embraces collaboration.

- Shama Asnani, Chief Human Resources Officer, ECL Finance


At ECL Finance, we have embraced learnings for way forward and will continue to focus on excelling in innovation, employee and customer experience.
Against this backdrop, the stage is set for our mSME business to pivot, but with a purpose!
We are poised on the runway and set to take flight alongside India's vision of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2027!

- Phanindranath Kakarla, Managing Director, ECL Finance

Net Worth of ₹20.8 Bn
3 Co-lending Partnerships
Fully Tested and Latest Technology Platform
Geographically Spread Across 80 Locations

Our Vision

"Our vision is to be a trusted financial partner to the micro and small enterprises in their growth journey to success".

- Mehernosh Tata, Chief Executive Officer, mSME Business

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