Products Offering

Corporate Credit

Structured Collaterised Credit

We are among the leading players that offer bespoke solutions to promoters and corporates for their capital needs in the form of Structured Finance. Our team has robust experience in concluding complex trades, evaluating the associated risks, closely monitoring them and maintaining a healthy portfolio of loans.

Wholesale Mortgage

Our Wholesale Mortgage business covers the lifecycle of a developer’s needs, encompassing the complete project , including land acquisition funding, construction finance to inventory funding. Equipped to deal with the business complexities of the real estate sector, which is not only highly regulated, but also has great dependency on multiple authorities, we help our customers manage these complexities effectively. The assets underwritten are actively managed using our robust credit and risk management processes.



Our Mid Corporate Lending service offers financing for working capital and capital expenditures for companies with turnovers exceeding ₹75 crores, with a focus on operating cash flows of the borrower along with collateral cover. With a deep understanding of the associated risks, the team will also assist in financial monitoring on an ongoing basis.


Retail Credit

Loan against Securities

We offer loans - against listed as well as unlisted securities such as shares, bonds, mutual funds among others. Customers can leverage their investments to meet unforeseen expenses, contingencies, personal needs or even capture a business or market opportunity.


Promoter Funding

We offer competitive solutions to promoters to leverage their equity holdings in their company to meet the requirements of expansion and diversification of the business.

IPO Financing

Loans are available to investors for applying in Primary Market Issues (IPOs and FPOs), Investors can leverage their own funds in the primary market, by investing only a margin amount which is specified separately for each IPO.

ESOP Funding

Our clients can avail a loan against ESOPs awarded / allotted to him by his employer. The facility enables employees to exercise their ESOP options by providing a loan against ESOP Grants.

SME & Business Loans

We provide financing solutions to business owners as well as Small and Micro Enterprises, helping them achieve their business aspirations. Providing loans from Rs. 3.5 lacs to Rs. 25 crore to the MSME segment, we help them maximize their business opportunities. A dedicated Edelweiss Relationship Manager partners with clients to evaluate their funding needs such as capital expenditure, working capital, business expansion and works on structuring a customised solution that works best to meet their evolving needs.


For more information on General Terms and Conditions for Unsecured Business Loan, click here

Loan against Property

Loan against property enables clients to put their real estate asset to productive use by mortgaging it and raising funds to meet their needs. Both residential and commercial properties can be used to avail of the loans. Additionally, funds can also be raised using lease rental discounting. With a flexible tenure period, with repayment facility upto a maximum of 15 years, clients can avail loans upto Rs.25 crore.



We provide end-to-end financing solutions to various players in the agri value chain, ranging from farmers, aggregators and traders to processors, importers and exporters. Our deep understanding of the agri commodities business cycle and the flexibility in collateral, speedy disbursals enables us to offer a competitive value proposition to our clients. Services include Warehouse Receipt finance, Working capital financing, structured commodity financing, export-import finance, in-transit funding and in-plant funding.


Salary Advance

We provide Personal Lending solutions to salaried individuals for their funding needs up to Rs 20 Lac and for a maximum tenure of 4 years.

  • Salary Advance | Salaried Personal Loan


  • Free Balance Transfer : Existing high-interest debts can be consolidated at no additional cost

  • No Hidden Charges : The interest you see is the interest you pay because there are no hidden charges involved

  • 90 Seconds Eligibility Check : Eligibility can be checked within 90 seconds

  • Premium Service Experience : A dedicated relationship manager assists the customer through the application and document submission process


Benchmark Rating

  • SME Loans
  • Loan Against Property
  • Other Loans

ECLFL Small and Medium Enterprise Reference Rate (ECLFLSMERR)

With effect from 1st October 2018, the ECLFSMERR is 20.50%

ECLFL Mortgage Reference Rate (ECLFLMRR)

With effect from 1st October 2018, the ECLFMRR is 20.90%

ECLF Prime Lending Rate

ECLFPLR is 17.50%